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Ben the baker

Ben the Baker

German Baker Meister

Based in Perth

Hi, it's Ben the baker here

Since I was a little boy I always loved bread; I remember walking along the river with my grandmother intending to feed the ducks with bread, instead I would secretly nibble on it.

> > How much better is fresh bread < <

I thought and that is why, many years later, I have completed my apprenticeship as a baker in the south of Germany followed by my Baker Meister before returning to Australia in 2011. Baking ever since, to make sure there is alway an ample supply of fresh bread.

I have really fallen in love with the traditional way of baking,
you know, when all you really need is

Flour, Water and Salt

I would love to share my passion with you, whether by baking a loaf of fresh, naturally fermented bread or by sharing my knowledge of baking.